The Jersey City Sustainable STEAM Challenge


Jersey City Public Schools take part by challenging students to identify and solve a local issue related to sustainability.

Engaging students in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is one of the most important factors in preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow. The Jersey City STEAM Sustainability Challenge addresses this issue. The challenge offers students the opportunity to be engaged in authentic hands-on experiences that will challenge them to identify, research and solve problems in their neighborhoods. Through this annual challenge students explore the world of design and engineering and are afforded the opportunity to collaborate with experts and present their solutions to their peers and community. Students in every grade level participate.


The 2020 Challenge – Climate Action

This year’s challenge is for students to identify and solve an issue related to climate change. Find out more here.


The 2019 Challenge – Sustainable Neighborhoods

More than 20 schools district-wide accepted the 2019 challenge to identify and solve a sustainability issue in their neighborhood. Find out more here.