For the 2020-2021 Academic Year, Jersey City Public School Student Teams will be charged with becoming ambassadors for the environment. As such, they will identify problems and find solutions that will impact the health and long term viability of our ecosystems on a local, national or global level.


Student teams become “environmental ambassadors” to tackle specific issues.



Students in the Jersey City public schools are eligible to form teams to create a local solution to combat climate change. 


This year’s challenge will be designed to meet the current distanced learning standards.


The deadline for team registration is December 18, 2020. Link to the registration form:


Culminating events will be on or around Earth Day 2021. More details to follow.



Using Science Standards to
Address Current Challenges

Project will be aligned with New Jersey Student Learning Standards in Science (NJSLS-S) and curriculum that addresses current community challenges; students gain real-world experience in inquiry-based learning.

Students learn through experiential projects that are inclusive of diverse types of learners, with a variety of problem solving activities.

Team Competition develops
Collaboration and Team Building Skills

Real competition with prizes for Best Design, Most Innovative Solution, Best Community Outreach and Best Presentation reward different skillsets.

Collaborative solutions projects – across schools, neighborhoods, cities & counties encouraged.

Students allowed to work with PTA’s to crowdsource and encourage parent and community involvement.

Community Engagement

Engagement with residents, businesses, city council officials (and/or their staff) and other stakeholders is required to develop proposals. This may include meetings, interviews, surveys, focus groups, events, etc.

Students Gain Understanding of
Government and Real Green Jobs

Student teams engage with sustainability “experts” to collect and verify data to develop their projects. Staff can speak to students in person or via Skype to answer questions.

Challenge Website with information about local departments and/or stakeholders to assist with development of project, and associated green career opportunities. Serves as a green career resource year after year.



How do I register for the challenge?

Registration details will become available in fall 2020. 


Who Can Enter The Challenge?

Students in the Jersey City public schools are eligible to form teams to create a local climate action solution to combat climate change. 


How many students can be part of a team?

A team can be a classroom or an entire grade level.


What is the criteria for the challenge?

Check back in the fall for more information on this year’s challenge criteria!

How can my team connect with a sustainability expert?

Sustainability experts will be available to meet with student teams in the late fall, 2020. For examples of past sustainability experts students have connected with, click here.

My team is interested in a hands-on learning experience for this challenge. Where can I find additional resources?

Resources for this year’s challenge will be released in the fall of 2020.
Resources provided for last year’s students included the following: 
  • Electric vehicle viewing
  • Walking Tours at one of the City’s parks
  • Bioswale demonstration at City Hall
  • Soil and native seeds [K-2 ONLY]