These subject matter experts volunteered to assist student teams in developing their projects as part of the 2020 Sustainability STEAM Challenge.

Yi Bao

Stevens Institute of Technology

Sustainability Expertise: Sustainable materials; innovative structures; brainstorming solutions to real-world problems for climate change impacts

Key Question: How can we use sustainable materials and innovative structures to adapt and mitigate climate change? 

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Dr. Ashish Borgaonkar

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Sustainability Expertise: Climate change research, educating stakeholders, engineering education and Environmental Engineering Faculty member

Key Questions: 1. How is climate change affecting the earth?
2. How can climate action help?
3. What is being done as part of the climate action initiative?

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Kate Lawrence

Director of Sustainability, City of Jersey City

Sustainability Expertise: Citywide Sustainability

Key Questions: 1. How can we improve the number and health of trees in JC neighborhoods?
2. How can we reduce the amount of waste JC residents are sending to the landfill?
3. How can we reduce carbon emissions from transportation in JC?

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Weina Meng

Stevens Institute of Technology

Sustainability Expertise: Sustainability

Key Question: How can we develop and use sustainable construction materials?

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AOberg - Angie Oberg

Angela Oberg

Rutgers University

Sustainability Expertise: Social Science of the Environment

Key Question: How can we navigate the relationship between scientific knowledge and human behavior? In other words, why do we act contrary to what science tells us to?

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Barkha Patel

City of Jersey City, Division of Engineering

Sustainability Expertise: Transportation

Key Question: How can transportation choices and transportation planning reduce emissions, improve air quality and public health, and create sustainable neighborhoods?

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Lucia Rodriguez

Lucia Rodriguez-Freire

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Sustainability Expertise: The way that contaminants moves and behaves in different environmental conditions

Key Question: How will a changing environment affect the distribution of pollutants in water, soil, or plants?

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Dibyendu ‘Dibs’ Sarkar

Stevens Institute of Technology

Sustainability Expertise: Environmental sustainability

Key Question: How can we use green technology to protect water quality from urban runoff?

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Raman Sharma

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Sustainability Expertise: Healthcare

Key Question: How will climate change affect human health and how can we optimize healthcare to deal with the effects of climate change ?

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SnellBioShot - Clarke Snell

Clarke Snell

Stevens Institute of Technology

Sustainability Expertise: Carbon neutral design

Key Question: How can you lower the carbon footprint (aka the climate change effect) of any project or action?

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Kushagra Varma 

Stevens Institute of Technology

Sustainability Expertise: Green Buildings – Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building Materials

Key Question: What makes our buildings sustainable? How to select the right materials and systems for our building projects?

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Vazquez - Irais Vázquez

Irais Vázquez

National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change (Mexico)

Sustainability Expertise: Sustainable Cities

Key Question: Under which indicators and parameters can we measure the level of sustainability of a city?

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Miao Yu

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Sustainability Expertise: Environmental Science

Key Questions: How do you choose environmental friendly materials?

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Mark Yuschak

Kean University

Sustainability Expertise: Energy efficiency and sustainability

Key Questions: What climate actions can students take and address through social media?

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