2021 K-2 Challenge

For the 2021 Sustainability STEAM Challenge, Kindergarten through 2nd grade students learned what it means to be an ambassador for the environment and designed a mural to educate the public about an environmental issue.

Students also learned about the impact of various modes of transportation on the environment and the features that make vehicles more eco-friendly. They then used recycled and up-cycled materials to create prototypes of their own environmentally friendly vehicles and submitted videos introducing and advertising their vehicle. One student video was selected as the most innovative.

Congratulations to the 2021 K-2 Video Winner P.S. 37!

Congratulations to the 2021 K-2 Mural Design Winner P.S. 11!

Mural Contest

The thirteen designs below represent K-2 classrooms throughout the school district. The public was given an opportunity to choose a favorite design the week of May 3-10. 

P.S. 25
P.S. 41
P.S. 27
P.S. 11
P.S. 3
P.S. 37
P.S. 30
P.S. 28
P.S. 16
P.S. 15
P.S. 6
P.S. 33
P.S. 5
P.S. 5